Monthly Archives: April 2018

Don’t forget early finish for the last day of Term – 2.15pm

Enjoy the Holidays!!!

Our Year 7’s along with Principal – Debbie Hemming, teachers Kathy Liscombe & Dean Carter will be travelling to our nations capital. We wish them safe and enjoyable travels.

Future leaders have decided that the theme for Casual Day on Monday 9th April will be the colours of the Malawi flag, red, green and black.

Please bring a gold coin donation to be handed to the teacher during roll call.

We are raising money for the following:

This is Esther Henderson. She is in first year high school at Girls Shine Academy. She is an orphan and lives in the Gogo Orphanage (Gogo means grandmother in Chewa). Her school fees are 50,000 Malawian Kwatcha per term which is $100 Australian per term or $300 per year. She would not be able to attend high school without help from a sponsor such as we are doing.