Pedal Prix


Each year a group of enthusiastic Happy Valley Primary School students and parents take part in a fantastic team that competes at two, 6 hour races at Victoria Park and the 24 hour Australian International Pedal Prix event held at Murray Bridge.

Students are involved in the schools morning training program (Fitness Club), which helps prepare them to go the full distance in each race.

Pedal Prix is a wonderful experience for the whole family and is available to all Year 5 and 6 students.

Students in Pedal Prix team:
  • Improve their fitness through attendance of Tuesday and Thursday morning fitness club.
  • Become familiar with the workings of a Pedal Prix vehicle, maybe even work on designing and test riding a new vehicle.
  • Develop great team spirit and have a lot of fun.
  • Support the team members at practices and on race weekend.
  • Get involved in all the social activities connected to the Pedal Prix program.
  • Camp at Murray Bridge on the race weekend and enjoy the picnic atmosphere by the river.

Please contact Wendy Nicolle via the school on 08 8381 7166 for further information on joining the Happy Valley Pedal Prix team.

Australian International Pedal Prix